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Ghent Festivities 1843 - 2018

After 175 years, the Ghent Festivities have developed into one of the largest cultural festivals in Europe. During ten days, six international festivals are being organized there is cost-free music on 10 squares, animation for children on various locations in the city and hundreds of indoor and outdoor activities. The overall surface of the Festivities area amounts to 765.000 m2.

It is not possible to formulate an unequivocal profile for the Ghent Festivities. This festival is both an urban festival, a cultural event and a large-scale popular feast.

Since their origin in 1843, the Ghent Festivities have always been free of charge, which makes it approachable for a large audience, also owing to its diversity. In the past years, the number of visitors increased from 1.2 million to +/- 1.7 million, with a number of visitors of over 100.000 people every day.

There is a considerable fluctuation of one location to the other. There are common atmosphere seekers and there are target-oriented visitors.

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